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Internet security for the safety of your children

The internet can open so many doors for acquiring information for almost anything you need to know about or want to buy. But have you ever thought about the fact that as many doors as it opens, leaves as many doors unlocked for your children to stumble across and see what’s inside.
Pymantec offers a one off fee of £49 and will configure your browser/router so that you can prevent you children accessing websites with unsuitable content. Often this service can be provided via remote access so no need for an onsite visit is required.

Security Cameras

Your home and security are very important to everyone so imagine the ability to be notified of any movement whilst you are not there and or the ability to check your home status via your smartphone. Do you have vulnerable relatives that you would like to know you can check on at any time to make sure they are ok? Pymantec can install single or multiple wireless IP cameras that connect into your broadband and send images to an online server. Video images can be either viewed live via an internet browser/smartphone or still images captured and saved when movement is detected.
Prices from £149 for hardware and install make this an affordable way to give you peace of mind.

PC Security

Connecting your PC to the internet can leave you open to picking up viruses spyware and malware. Visiting certain websites even by mistake can mean that your PC can end up with performance issues. Pymantec can provide consultancy on keeping your pc safe and secure or assist if you need to recover from viruses.
With years of experience, we have built up a toolset to tackle the complex of problems but also provide you the best protection to prevent you experiencing such issues.


About Pymantec

firefox Pymantec Ltd was established in 2005 and provides IT support and consultancy services to companies based in and around the Berkshire area. Maturing in size, offering support to home users alongside our business users, Pymantec pride ourselves in the personal yet professional service offered for all types of IT setups. Pymantec provide extensive knowledge and support for laptops, desktops, servers, networking, smartphones and IP technology. Pymantec offers a trustworthy and reliable service, to help you forget about the stresses of IT and concentrate on increasing your productivity within your workplace or home.

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